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the blog has moved!

Jan 22, 2010

sorry to all those waiting and waiting for a new post outta me - i kinda abandoned this blog... while it'll stay up and i might occasionally surprise everyone with a post every now & then, i'd like to invite you to my other two blogs -

*  my jewelry, accessories, & paperie blog: Joie de Vie

*  {my newest blog} my wedding & event design blog: Blair Britt Events

i also tweet under these two accounts:

thank you to everyone who was so loyal and visited so often, i just wish i had made this announcement sooner for y'all!


{recap} wedding invite - final product

May 3, 2009

let me preface this post by saying - a majority of the photos were taken by me... and i'm terrible at detail shots - so i apologize for the blurry, out of focus ones! =)

ok so here's the final product - this pic was actually shot by a friend at one of my bridal showers - thanks shayn - keep up the good work!

back to my photos again - here's the belly band my sis-in-law slaved away on - 2" by 12" creates this look - then i layered the 1"x 1" blue square (which has the gold gocco'd sand dollar) on top of the ivory 2"x 2" square to "close" the band off.

once you slide the belly band off - it reveals the inside of our pockets - lined with my favorite paisley paper - the invitation piece sits on the left (with gocco'd gold sand dollars again) - and all of the info cards and rsvp postcard are in the pocket to the right (again lined with my favorite paisley paper).

here's a shot of the ceremony & reception card... duh =)

direction card - again tying in our sand dollar motif 

here's the front of our rsvp postcard

and the back - it was really fun to get responses and song requests back from our guests!

finally after all the hard work, they're ready to be shipped out to all our wedding guests! i really loved the Louis Comfort Tiffany stamps we used - they worked well with our overall color scheme!

and here our invitations are immortalized by our wonderful photographer -

hope you enjoyed seeing some of what went into DIY'ing your own invitation suite, it's A LOT of hard work - but if you have help from family and friends you too can DIY your dream invitations! 

next up - i'll be deconstructing my inspiration board - showing you my inspiration photo and the real life wedding photo, it should be fun!


{recap} wedding invite workshop

Feb 19, 2009

well... to start off the wedding recaps, i think i should begin with our invites - since they did inspire a great deal of the details that stood out on our wedding day.

after designing and printing the invites - which were partially printed by a family friend, then the sandollar details were gocco'd by me - we had a family assembly party consisting of my parents, my brother and sis-in-law, myself and my hubby (then fiance). each person more of less to charge of a "station" ...

here's what we had to tackle that day:
-emboss address on all envelope flaps
-crease and close belly bands
-xyron paisley pocket liners & all invitation pieces
-adhesive main paisley liner and flap liner
-gocco all sandollar details
-adhesive invites into pocket folders
-insert all the detail cards into pockets
-apply postage stamps to rsvp postcards
... that was pretty much it! sounds easy right? well take a look at the process and you decide, but in my opinion this was a labor of love that took upwards of 10 hours to complete!

here are my bro and sis-in-law: he's embossing our envelope flaps 

and here lisa is using the sample belly band that's taped to the mat to line up the crease marks for each band

even my now hubs got involved - J worked the xyron machine to make the pocket folder lining into stickers, making them easier/quicker to stick the lining on. and that's me standing gocco'ing the sandollars!
mom and J watching me work the kinks outta lining the pocket folders

in the pic below - my nephew showing off something and if you look at my gocco screen you can see the various sizes of sandollars awaiting their turn to be gocco'd

mr. b .... in the zone - our family is full of perfectionist, especially him, so those embossed envelopes were perfectly squared thanks to the mat, some blue tape, and repeat - repeat - repeat
here you can see the grid my bro set up to use to emboss all the envelopes and in the next pic my mom testing it out

two perfectionist - my dad and bro - go figure, racing to see how many they could line in 10 minutes! boys operate so differently from women

taking a break to play a lil' wii bowling...

no longer is it light outside and the girls of course are still working on affixing the lining and the actual invite pieces to the pocketfolders 

later that night i continued lining pocket folders and backing the invites to the liner...

first i put in the part that sits behind the invite, then the flap had to be attached

i made sure to run my bone folder over all the liner to smooth it down and make sure there were no ripples

last up was to stick on each invitation piece which had previously been xxyron'd to create a stick backing so i could easily stick them all in to their own pocket folders.
next up i'll show you the final results of all the pieces assembled and ready to be sent out to our guests!

it's so hard to believe we were making these almost a year ago in May! wow!

after 6 months of marriage...

i'm finally going to start the journey of posting about our wedding details!  i figure i should introduce all the various elements by showing you my inspiration and the reality at our wedding... kind like a before and after.

boy do i have lots in store... here's an overview of the journey we're about to take to recap the wedding:

- paper goods: invites, programs, escort cards, valet tags, and menu cards...
- flowers: ceremony, reception, diy floral elements, and our personal flowers of course...
- personalization: diy centerpieces, personal touches, decor, jewelry, and accessories....
- random: the cake, photography, music, and my advice to future brides....

i'll leave you with my original inspiration board i had created months in advance of our wedding... and you can determine if we hit the mark!

any other newlyweds having a hard time catching up on blogging (or anything else for that matter) the way they used to while feverishly planning your wedding?

After Wedding to-do list

Oct 12, 2008

during the final days leading up to the wedding, i started to notice that so much of my "normal", non-wedding planning life was on hold...  that got me thinking about what i wanted to do when i got back to life as usual.

well at that point i thought, piece of cake, life will resume once we get outta town and head to tahiti for our honeymoon... haha looking back now i laugh at how naive i was to think that relaxing in tahiti was "normal life" - give me a break!

here's us at the pinnacle of "non-normal life" at our rehearsal dinner

and here we are once again - recovering from the wedding weekend 
on our honeymoon in Bora Bora
we look pretty stress free right?

yes but i realize now that the wedding and then traveling to paradise to "relax" was really more the calm before the storm.

Life has become so crazy for the two of us - J is just preparing for 3rd year law school finals, and here i am with my crazy jobs and trying to run my jewelry & accessory business!

we recovered, then returned, and life never went back to life as we knew it ...
 so in an attempt to retain some type of normalcy i started a list that grows each week.  since i'm a list maker, it helps to know that i'm accomplishing things, no matter how small or trivial they seem - it's just nice to know we're getting things done!

I give you my after wedding to-do list: 
  • go to Disneyland - 
  • go on a date with J - check (although this is something i'd love to do weekly)
  • spend quality time with friends & family - check
  • go to the swap meet - 
  • look into a business credit card (maybe not such a great idea given the current financial climate) -
  • get our apartment organized - quasi check... with the exception of our study
  • close out our wedding registries  - check (except Crate & Barrel)
  • get holiday items posted in my etsy shop - check
  • get caught up on my business blog - check
  • get wedding thank you's written and sent - 1/2 check (still have 1/2 the list to go)
  • get my credit card paid off - almost check =)
  • spend time playing catch up with close friends - 1/2 check
  • christmas shopping - almost check!
and the list goes on... did anyone else feel like much of their normal life had disappeared and long to rein it in once the big day had passed!

Recap: DIY Cocktail Napkins

Sep 10, 2008

after mastering my beloved gocco machine, i decided that i was going to take on making my personalized cocktail napkins for our wedding. i went to IKEA of all places to buy my napkins since they were having a blow out sale on these, i snatched them up for uber-cheap. i bought them in navy and white - and at that time i had planned on just repeating the pattern i used on the blue.

well needless to say, i got a little creative/ambitious and thought i'd incorporate our paisley pattern from our invitations on the white napkins... and i was really happy with the way they turned out. below is a candid from one of my bridesmaids, the napkins were sitting on the cake table... note to future brides: if you take on DIY projects, give a list to you photographer, i blew it on that, and therefore didn't end up with many photos of my DIY details.

the navy napkins had our sand dollar
Blair & Justus
August 2, 2008
all in metallic gold ink

below is a close up of our sand dollar image

above is our cake with the napkins next to it

here's a close up of the paisley napkins

and finally a shot from the design process: gocco'ing napkins means - very little counter space!
give me some time and you'll be able to view some client's custom cocktail napkins that i'll be posting on my company blog for an upcoming wedding... go to

I'm back as a MRS

Sep 1, 2008

i know it's been quite some time since my last post... let me just say this:

planning a wedding consumes your life, i was barely able to keep up with my family, friends, and fiance... let alone set aside time to blog.  so, let me say i'm sorry for spending so much time away. and to those of you loyal readers - you'll be happy to know that the wedding recaps are about to begin!

i'll leave you with one of my favorite photos from our wedding... it was taken by our photographer - Michael Erdkamp of Memories by Michael.
if you'd like to see more of Michael's work from our wedding, he put together a slideshow of that day check it out here.